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James Krick. Urology. 1 doctor agrees In brief: Post-op Care I would recommend that you contact the operating urologist to discuss specifics of post-op care if you were not given those specifics at.The three cylinders consist of paired corpora cavernosa and a single corpus spongiosum.The salvaging venous surgery, in which a refined penile venous stripping procedure was applied and which was developed via a chronic study on cadavers and microsurgical drills on small rats, was satisfactory in all patients for correcting penile deformity and in some for restoring erectile function.The initial approach of single-vessel ligation of the dorsal vein was expanded due to poor results.Arterial revascularization and venous ligation procedures have been introduced within the past 2 decades.

A pharmacologic cavernosography revealed recurrent venous leak.

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The crural (roots) of the corpora cavernosa attach at the under surface of the ischiopubic rami as two separate structures.Each procedure has in common with the other the fact that initial applications of the operations were widespread among the population of men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.Crural plication techniques for so-called proximal penile venous leakage were developed by Lowsley.

One patient had crural vein ligation and corporoplasty through a perineal incision, one had direct corporeal revascularization for associated arteriogenic impotence with venous leak and another had distal spongiolysis and closure of a corporospongiosal shunt.


Yes, being if we can be fixed with surgery if the source of the venous leak is identified.A range of ligation procedures varied in their aggressiveness have emerged and range from dorsal and accessory vein.However, new sites of leakage frequently appear postoperatively.

Primary penile venous leakage surgery with crural ligation in men with erectile dysfunction Cayan, Cayan Crural ligation for primary erectile dysfunction: a case series.Penile Varicose Veins: What They Are and How You Get Them Tweet Varicose veins anywhere on the body can be an ugly discovery.The immediate success rate of these procedures is about 50-60%, and 20% over the long term.

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It is treated by ligature- resection of the different venous pathways, but this surgi- cal approach is certainly not the best.Penile venous leakage surgery may result in complications, including postoperative penile shortening, curvature or numbness, lymphedema and poor ligation of the penile artery. 1 x 1 Lue, T.F. Surgery for crural venous leakage.New treatment for venous leakage: embedding the deep dorsal vein of the penis There is a new simple treatment for venous leak (e.g. deflated glans) available by embedding the deep dorsal vein.In some cases, the varicose vein may be seen when the penis is flaccid.

Vein ligation and stripping is a surgical approach to the treatment of varicose veins.MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study included 26 men with erectile dysfunction who underwent penile venous surgery for primary venous leakage with at least.In rare cases, some individuals may develop small varicose veins on the penis.

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